Is Brazil Lottery Legal ?

Brazil lottery is the first anda only Legal lottery product in Brazil. The Brazil Lottery Organization founded by Brazil Government and start Operation at 2015

Who Can Purchase Brazil Lottery ?

Brazil lottery can be purchased by all Brazil Citizens also permanent Resident who are 18 years of age or older which can show the Legal Identity Card when purchasing tickets

How Long Is The Time Limit to Claim a Prize ?

The Winning Prize must be claimed within 15 days after the winning Result announced. For Example the winning ticket of draw at 01 January must be claimed before 17 January (16 January is the 15th day). The Prize claiming after 15 days or by a damaged ticket will be rejected.

Where I Can Purchase Brazil Lottery's Ticket ?

Brazil lottery's tickets are available at all Brazil Lottery Official and Partners' Outlet all over Brazil. Remember to always purchase ticket from our official outlet to prevent purchased fraud/invalid tickets

About Brazil Lottery

Brazil Lottery is an International Lucky Draw organization that serves the interests of state-authorized lotteries and supplies lottery system to the global lottery industry.

The brazil Lottery is one of the Biggest Legal Lottery product of BRAZIL. The Brazil Lottery exist to support good causes in their respective jurisdictions through the sale of responsible, ethical, and entertaining gaming products.

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